Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stifling Sentimentality

I think there's a part of me that has to indulge my sentimental side a little bit in the fear that stifling it completely would cause it to take over. I'm terrified of becoming the person that cries when they see baby shoes. So, one way to reconcile this is to allow myself to anthropomorphize the things that Max and I make.

We just sold the first thing we made as "Gravlax?" He is going to a great home and I'm really happy that he knows he's wanted now. The strange thing to me is that I can't possibly think of him as an "it." He is not a product or a manufactured item. When I was going through our etsy page I saw his picture with the words SOLD OUT across the top and thought it was really funny. He is such a sell out.

Goodbye and good luck, Mr. Gravlax! (We accidentally named him)

You can call me crazy now. I know you're thinking it!!!
I love you!

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