Thursday, May 17, 2012

Buttons of Mass Destruction!!!

Here at "Gravlax?" Corporation we try to focus on the little things like team building, morale and synergy? Also buttons. I lived in NY for 4 months over the fall/winter and noticed that I was one of the only personages without a trench coat.

So I bought one and once I got it home I impulsively removed all of the crappy plastic buttons, and felt a little remorseful, since I wanted to wear it that day. So I started sculpting my own buttons to each look like a different famous monster from my favorite movies. This is one of those buttons:

This button was our first sale and that was so exciting. We've sold three of them so far.

This guy is going to be part of a series of skeleton characters in fancy attire.

This one is my favorite of the three. When Max showed me it blew my mind. It blew up my mind!!!

We want to start taking process pictures to post here, because it seems lame to post the pictures from etsy, but we didn't know we were doing a blog until people said it was good to do!! And we want to do a good blog!! So from now on we promise to do our best about that stuff, are you reading this, Max?! Actually you may be the only one, and that's okay. Look at how cool your work is!!!!

Ok, have a good night!

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