Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nature Photoshoot with New Creature

Max lives in Seattle, WA and I live in Portland, OR. Max came to Portland this weekend and we worked on making things for our etsy shop. We took so many pictures of a new little guy outside that I thought it would be fun to post them all here since etsy only allows five.

Our favorite picture of the shoot!
Hang on!
I call this pose- sitting on a bench.

The close-up.
Warning: this is the first of many of him sitting in a tree!
You doing okay over there, buddy? Ya need anything?
One wrong move...
He likes to sit in trees!!!
We made him earn his modeling money.
He made a friend that wasn't just into his body.

This isn't a tree guys!!!
It was just too adorable!!



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  1. These pictures are great!!!! I love the duck and the bench, holding a dollar, pose.. Awesome work!