Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer can be nice.

I found this photo and loved it. He reminds me of a proud astronaut. Maybe astronauts should wear creature suits so that aliens will be more afraid of us. NASA, I'm talking to you!

I drew a bunch of circles in my sketchbook and tried to quickly fill them with faces. My favorite is the fancy mustachioed face just right of the center.

Another thing  from my sketchbook. 

This  is a large plush figure that I made of Wicket the Ewok. He's 20" tall.

I had my comedy-themed art up in the breakroom at work.

My Gilda Radner painting for the middle!

And a progress shot of my Frankenstein's Monster textile portrait.
Goodbye for now,


  1. Holy-moley! That Frankenstein is amazing! Great work (of course). Also, I'm liking that polka-dot face exercise idea. May borrow that :)

    1. Thank you Anna!! And yeah it was pretty fun to just go nuts with the circles and see what happened. I recommend it!